The Digest is the law journal of the National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA).   The Digest is a professional journal publishing articles of general interest to the profession with a special focus on Roman Law, Civil Law, Italian Law, and all areas of property law (from real property to intellectual property, cultural property, land use, and the law of historic preservation).

SUBMISSIONS: The journal publishes articles, essays, commentary, and book reviews.  You may submit a paper for us to consider by e-mailing it as a Word attachment and sending it to:  digest@law.syr.edu.  Papers should be submitted in English.

The Digest is published as part of a special partnership between NIABA and the Syracuse University College of Law. Students at the College serve on an Editorial Board that is responsible for editing and producing The Digest.

Membership on The Digest is open to all students who have an interest in Italian American heritage and culture, and who want an excellent opportunity to learn from a law review experience. All members obtain a handbook on Italian culture and heritage, and each member is recognized by the College of Law for his or her contribution as an editor.

Digest Editorial Board:
The Digest is operated as a student run law review within the College of Law, but it has some unique features.   The Digest has a faculty member in charge of its operations as Editor-in-Chief who is also on the national Board of Directors for NIABA.  Day to day duties of running the journal are turned over to student Managing Editors and their staff.

The NIABA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation, founded in 1983 to advance the interests of the Italian American legal community and to improve the administration of justice. NIABA members include judges, law professors, and law students, as well as attorneys in both private and public sectors. A Board of Directors elected by members governs the Association. Local chapters of NIABA are located in cities throughout the U.S. Local chapters go by the name NIABA or by affiliated names including The Justinians and The Columbian Lawyers.

Each Spring The Digest invites interested students to join the Editorial Board. To be considered for an associate editor position, students must hand in an appellate brief or memorial and complete graded exercises. Space is limited. The Managing Editor and the Associate Managing Editor are selected directly by the Editor-in-Cheif.  The Managing positions are very competitive and demanding. Each year, associate editors write a case comment which may be selected for publication in the digest. While membership is open to all students, students of Italian American heritage are strongly encouraged to apply. Each year students from a diverse and varied background join together to make this journal a success. The Digest benefits from the devoted effort of many students including many who are not Italian American.

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