President Giorgio Napolitano turned to an outside group of advisors, coined by the media as the ’10 wise men,’ to ensure the government’s political efficacy after elections last February left no solid majority of any party. Specifically, the advisors are being asked to formulate precise proposals and issues to find common ground among the fractured parties to form a governing coalition.

Tensions are high after the attempts from the center-left party to find common ground fell apart. Italy is currently in the throes of an unemployment crisis, especially among Italian youth. While the Italian markets have been relatively calm, economic stability demands a functioning government. With Napolitano’s term ending May 15, this puts even more pressure on the President and his advisors, as the three fractured parties argue over apparently irreconcilable differences.

The likely outcomes from Napolitano’s advisors will be a continuance of former Prime Minister Mario Monti’s austerity measures and a call for reform laws to protect the country against the political deadlock it finds itself in.  The moniker given to Napolitano’s ’10 wise men’ shows the predicament and the impasse at issue. Only the most brilliant of strategists could find common ground in this situation in the month and half left on Napolitano’s term. With such dire circumstances in the Italian government, the country should hope the wise men can also walk a tight rope.


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